Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I think you can tell a lot about a person by what is on their floor- right now.  At least in my house it's like everyone leaves a little trail of goodies behind them.  My husband, has a habit of when he sits on the couch, takes off his socks and throws them basketball style into the middle of the floor.  Every day. And every day I pick up a pair of socks off the floor.  Does he ever pick up his socks? Nope.  It's like they go invisible as they fly through the air and land with a quiet thud.  Once I decided to "make a point" by not picking up the socks. I thought it was brilliant!  Of course he would pick them up after having to step over them multiple times.  The laundry room is only a mere 4 feet away.  So after 3 days... yup there were three pairs of socks on the floor.  This charming habit drives me out of my mind.  You should have seen his face when finially I picked up those socks, yelped some non understandable words and threw them at him.  He had no concept (and still doesn't)  what a pair of socks meant to a woman who spends her entire day "picking up the house".  I could pick up the damn house all day and never be done.  So was I over reacting when I ask him to be so kind as to pick up his f-ing socks??  "But its just a pair of socks, not a big deal".  I could have taken those socks and shoved them where socks don't belong.  And- he's not happy with keeping this love for sock tossing to himself.  He has now recently taught my 3 yr old son the joys of taking off your socks after a long day and tossing.  Wonderful.  Now there is a big pair of socks, and a mini pair right next to them waiting for me to come along and pick them up.
If I look down right now and look to see what is on my floor, I see:  toys, dog bowls, pillows (I have an addiction to them), shoes, food bits, school papers, my address book, and of course if I crane my neck.... my husband's socks on the living room. Of course I am on my way to collect them right now.  But before I jump out of my seat to do that- I can sum up who I am by what I have seen on my floor.  I am a Mom, a wife, an aunt, sister, teacher, and friend.  Not in any particular order, I guess it depends on the day which one is first on the list.
Today, it is sock master wife.

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