Thursday, August 4, 2011

The sound of the dishwasher makes me happy

  Recently, I was lucky enough to be with a group of my extended family at a wedding reception.  The group was made up of all women.  Some second cousins and some sisters.  Some with small children and some without.  All very intelligent and established women.  Yet, I found it fascinating when the comment "I like starting the dish washer, because the sound makes me happy," was tossed into the conversation.  Instantly I thought, "Wow!  I thought I was the only one that felt that."  But I looked around the group and everyone was smiling and nodding at this sentiment.  Then I started to wonder, why?  Why does the simple sound of the dishwasher running give you that snugly, homey, nostalgic feeling?  Maybe because it is usually run at the end of the day, after everything has calmed down.  It has to have calmed down for you to hear the machine do its magic.... whether its the kids are asleep, the busy road outside has settled, or simply the world is winding down for the evening.  We recently purchased a "new and improved" dishwasher.  It is shiny and pretty and all, but when my husband asked me if I liked it I said, "It's ok..... it's not as noisy as the old one."  He thought I was crazy.  He obviously doesn't get the happy feeling from the dishwasher.
  Other sounds make us happy.  For me; my daughter laughing, certain songs in certain settings, falling asleep listening to the waves at the beach or rain in the trees.  Most of them are universal, and probably not surprising to people.  So why was I so surprised at the consensus in that group of women?  I think it is because none of the women were your stereo typical 50's "housewife" type.  I never have put myself in that category, except when I have that feeling of happiness listening to the dishwasher run in a cozy evening.  I feel the day is complete and I did a good job.  Perhaps it is comforting to know that with how the world has changed and how hectic our lives have become.... everyone must do their dishes at some point or another, and for those 2 hours we can bask in the "back home feeling" the sound brings.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I think you can tell a lot about a person by what is on their floor- right now.  At least in my house it's like everyone leaves a little trail of goodies behind them.  My husband, has a habit of when he sits on the couch, takes off his socks and throws them basketball style into the middle of the floor.  Every day. And every day I pick up a pair of socks off the floor.  Does he ever pick up his socks? Nope.  It's like they go invisible as they fly through the air and land with a quiet thud.  Once I decided to "make a point" by not picking up the socks. I thought it was brilliant!  Of course he would pick them up after having to step over them multiple times.  The laundry room is only a mere 4 feet away.  So after 3 days... yup there were three pairs of socks on the floor.  This charming habit drives me out of my mind.  You should have seen his face when finially I picked up those socks, yelped some non understandable words and threw them at him.  He had no concept (and still doesn't)  what a pair of socks meant to a woman who spends her entire day "picking up the house".  I could pick up the damn house all day and never be done.  So was I over reacting when I ask him to be so kind as to pick up his f-ing socks??  "But its just a pair of socks, not a big deal".  I could have taken those socks and shoved them where socks don't belong.  And- he's not happy with keeping this love for sock tossing to himself.  He has now recently taught my 3 yr old son the joys of taking off your socks after a long day and tossing.  Wonderful.  Now there is a big pair of socks, and a mini pair right next to them waiting for me to come along and pick them up.
If I look down right now and look to see what is on my floor, I see:  toys, dog bowls, pillows (I have an addiction to them), shoes, food bits, school papers, my address book, and of course if I crane my neck.... my husband's socks on the living room. Of course I am on my way to collect them right now.  But before I jump out of my seat to do that- I can sum up who I am by what I have seen on my floor.  I am a Mom, a wife, an aunt, sister, teacher, and friend.  Not in any particular order, I guess it depends on the day which one is first on the list.
Today, it is sock master wife.